OMB LYRA - Cylinder Valve

American CNG Part # VLV-101-1

OEM Part #: 691A113B363
OEM Part #: 691A113B317HI
OEM Part #: 691A113A363
OEM Part #: 691A113A317HI

OMB Solenoid Valve with 1 1/8" O-Ring thread

  • Automatic cylinder valve with internal venting system (no gas tight housing required)
  • Max working pressure: 260 bar
  • Working temperature: -40°C / + 85°C
  • High flow thermal safety valve
  • Available on demand the version with double PRD
  • Low absorption solenoid valve
  • On request with non-return valve integrated
  • Double pipe away safety ports

6.0 lb

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