OMB NGV1 Fuel Receptacle

American CNG Part # O-N1-A1

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OEM Part # 69888830

3,600 PSI CNG Fuel Receptacle

-Prevents blow-back of natural gas with three internal o-rings

-Heavy-duty internal check valve

-.316 grade stainless steel body

-Integrated bulkhead style mounting nut

-Included dust cap

Easy replacement for damaged receptacles on existing vehicles. The end connection is -6 (9/16") SAE/ORB.  The port can be adapted to whatever end connection you're looking for on your vehicle. (See "Identify Adapter" tab above for more help on identifying what adapter you may need).

This receptacle comes standard with the following components:

Receptacle Body with Internal Check Valve
Bulkhead Style Nut (For Mounting to Housing)
Blue Rubber Dust Cap (Keeps dust and grease out)

Clarification of step by step guide below: To decide which end connection is correct for your vehicle, first you need to identify what the receptacle connects to. It will most likely be connected to a rigid tube or a hose connection moving the gas to the cylinder. If it's connected to a tube, you will need calipers to measure the outer diameter of the tube. Most common sizes are 6mm, 1/4", 3/8" or 1/2". Then choose that option in the adapter section above. If it's a port or hose end that the receptacle connects to, you will have to identify if it's a pipe (NPT) thread, o-ring boss (SAE) thread or face seal (ORFS) thread. To properly identify the thread type and size you will have to disconnect the receptacle from the port or hose after performing the proper venting procedure to ensure there is no gas in your fuel line. Call for more instructions if needed at 855-264-8265.

1. Identify what your receptacle(s) connects to:

Connect to a Hose or Port? Go to Step #2

Connects to a Rigid Tube? Go to Step #4

2. If it connects to a port, identify the type of thread needed: Tapered Pipe (NPT) Thread, O-Ring Boss (SAE) Thread, Face Seal (ORFS) Thread (See chart below for identification)
3. Identify the thread size of your connection needed:

NPT: -4 is 1/4" thread -6 is 3/8" thread

SAE/ORB: -4 is 7/16" thread -6 is 9/16" thread

ORFS: -6 is 11/16" thread -8 is 13/16" thread

4. If it connects to a tube, what is the outer diameter?  6mm, 1/4", 3/8", 1/2" is the most common outer diameter sizes. Choose the compression adapter above that matches the reading on your caliper

**After following these instructions there is a chance your connection is different than the options above, if so, please email pictures to or call 855-264-8265 for additional support.**


If you have questions please reach out to

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