OPW NGV1 Fuel Receptacle

American CNG Part # OP-N1.BH-F

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OEM Part # LB3678

OPW Fuel Receptacle NGV1


  • Body: stainless steel
  • Internal Parts: stainless steel and brass
  • Seals: specially formulated polymers and elastomers specific to high pressure NGV applications

Features & Benefits

  • Protective Rubber Dust Caps – included with all OPW “L” series receptacles.
  • Connects with CC200, CC300, CC600 and CT1000 Series NGV1 CNG Nozzles
  • High-Flow Capacity – The L Series receptacles have much larger flow capacity than conventional receptacles. The flow path allows very high flows, combined with low pressure drop and enhanced resistance to hydrate formation.
  • Durable, Corrosion-Resistant Construction – All OPW receptacles are made from stainless steel.
  • Non-Contact Check Valve – Each OPW NGV1 receptacle contains a highly reliable non-contact check valve that opens only when differential pressure is present during fueling (per NGV1 1.5.4).
  • Unique Sealing System – The sealing system in all OPW receptacles consists of a stainless steel poppet that aligns with a rearward facing, captured seal located in the receptacle body. This arrangement prevents: seal “wash-out” during high-flow conditions and “cratering” due to debris. The seal material has exceptionally long service life, resists creep and deformation and has exceptional wear resistance under all operating pressure and temperature conditions. The poppet is treated, impact-resistant stainless steel with a polished surface to provide reliable sealing at low back pressures.
  • Bulkhead or Straight Thread – The L Series allows the user to order a complete receptacle or buy and assemble their own adaptor shaft. They come with and without bulkhead fitting and with or without filter. The external bulkhead nut costs less than conventional stainless steel fittings. L Series receptacles can be used with parallel thread or compression tube fittings. L Series bodies come with either wrench flats or hex to ease vehicular mounting.
  • Filtered Receptacle (LE) – Filters capture dirt and gas-borne debris commonly found in CNG systems. Filtered receptacles protect the receptacle seals and the vehicle fuel system. A 50-micron filter is incorporated ahead of the receptacle check valve.
  • Design Your Own Sub-System – The OPW L Series receptacles come with the following standard features: rubber dust cap, mounting hex or wrench flats. LD and LE receptacles come with a standard external bulkhead nut. The bulkhead fittings allow the use of inexpensive compression tube fittings. A 50-micron filter upstream of the poppet seal is available as an option. All adaptor shafts can be purchased from OPW or from your supplier of choice. OPW L Series NGV1 Receptacles are designed for medium storage NGV at 200 Bar (3000 psi) or 250 Bar (3600 psi) operating pressure.
  • Rubber Dust Cap – Standard protective dust caps are supplied with all receptacles.
  • Serviceable O-Ring – Designed to prevent leakage at the connection point.

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