Light Duty Reflective 3600 PSI CNG Decal

American CNG Part # DCL-HP-LR

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OEM Part # DCL-115-1

Printed on a high quality substrate, this weather-resistant sticker can be used to replace a missing sticker on your vehicle.

This decal is used on vehicles equipped with compressed natural gas or CNG fuel systems.

This decals primary location as designated by NFPA 52 8.2.10 is to locate decal on exterior lower right rear of vehicle. On trunk lid if so equipped, but Not on bumper.

Some States require (additional) decal to be located at, near, or on "Fill" door.

This decal is manufactured using High Performance Vinyl, and is manufactured in the U.S.A.. A Blue translucent print on Vinyl using vinyl and inks with U/V stabilisers. Extremely durable and high quality material with flexible properties that assist in easy application and the reduction of bubbles during application.

Decal size and lettering height meets NFPA 52 requirements.

Reflective material capabilities meet or Exceed Federal ASTM Specifications D 4956t requirements.

This decal measures approximately 3" x 4.5".

  • Apply to clean surface. It is necessary for surfaces to be free of all dirt, oil, Silicone, etc. as these can cause adhesives to fail as well as reduce the life of decals and striping.
  • Applications should be made when surface temperatures are above 50° F.  Applying to surfaces that are in direct sun and hot may be difficult. If possible, apply to surfaces that are in shade.
  • Surfaces that have been painted, need at least 72 hours for paint to completely cure and “gas-out” before applying vinyl decals or reflective striping.
  • Do not use liquids to apply any reflective decals or striping as this will cause damage.

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