CNG Valves

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Cylinder Valves

These valves are designed for the head of CNG cylinders which allow flow both in and out. Both manual and solenoid options available. Most include integrated PRD's for safety.


These valves are commonly known as Fill Receptacles and are the device needed to fill your CNG cylinder with natural gas. Both of the NGV1 and NGV2 options are available.

Shut-off Valves

These valves are commonly known as cut-off valves, ball valves, 1/4 turn valves, among other names. This safety valve stops CNG flow with a 1/4 of a turn of the handle.

Check Valves

These valves are 1-way flow valves which are a safety feature and required on CNG vehicles per NGV standards. Many receptacles have integrated check valves as well.


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