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Matt matsukawa

Matt has been behind the development of most of Go Natural’s state of the art CNG systems. With over 20 years of experience in designing and building natural gas and propane powered vehicles, he has leaded the industry in consistently pushing the envelope to create the best technology available. He established his own conversion and service shops dedicated to natural gas and trained personnel to run the business.

Matt consults with manufacturers of alternative fuel systems that currently sell products nationally and internationally. Current and previous clients include Hill Air Force Base, Engine Control Technologies, Thiokol Aerospace, Baytech, NASA, Exxon. Worthignton Industries and many more.

Some other things that I have done.... I have developed an automated fuel component inverter for delivery of chemicals for Exxon Chemical, I have developed a touch screen fuel gage with edge (powerteq), I have worked with Parker Hannifin on developing a natural gas home refueling kit,  I am currently working on collision barrier for school buses to be full crash tested in Canada, I am working with Worthington on CNG projects, I am working on a CNG project with Seaboard Foods for new builds and engine specs,  I have developed a fully accredited college class for natural gas vehicles, I am currently working on cylinder package for 50 class 8 mac trucks, I have developed several safety and industry compliancy systems and circuits.


American CNG can offer several training services. Here are some of the areas that we can cover.


Natural Gas Driver Training, Fueling an NGV, Safety & Operation, Light Duty Applications, Heavy Duty Applications


American CNG can offer several diagnostic services. Here are some of the areas that we can cover. 

How CNG systems work, fuel systems and fuel delivery. 

Electrical components and interrelated sub-systems, onboard interface with OEM parts, component function and application. 

Fuel delivery on both high and low pressure, cylinders and fuel lines, pressure relief devices, filters, fill receptacles, time fills, and maintenance. 

Comprehensive complete system integration, gas path flow diagrams, gas path fault trees. Diagnostic procedures step by step, fuel filling, fuel de-fueling, drivability, and no start.


American CNG can offer several repair services. Here are some of the areas that we can cover.

Safe shop practices, de-fueling a vehicle, leak testing. Going over system components and how they work, that includes cylinders, fittings, fuel lines, regulators, valves, and electrical components.

How to identify a malfunctioning part, how to remove and replace a failed part, and how to test a repaired system.


American CNG can offer several design services. Here are some of the areas that we can cover.

System components and installation for current industry standards. replacing aging or non-available components, rework of failing or out of date gas control panels and boxes, system design for larger fueling capacity, custom manifolds to deliver fuel and other functions, and custom parts designed and manufactured.

fleet services

American CNG can offer several fleet services. Here are some of the areas that we can cover.  

Fleet maintenance schedules, record keeping, driver training, diagnostic and repair, and compliance with current industry standards.

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