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Type 1 Cylinders

Made completely of steel. They are proven and inexpensive but they are also the heaviest of the options. A tank can easily weigh 350 lbs or more which reduces mileage and puts additional strain on the suspension. As with any steel product it is subject to corrosion.

Type 2 Cylinders

These cylinders have a thinner metal liner and a composite and wire or metal hoop “wrap” that provides reinforcement for the cylinders. The Type 2 is lighter than the Type 1, but can still weigh in excess of 150 – 200 lbs. They are also subject to corrosion.

Type 3 Cylinders

Type 3 has a metal liner that is completely wrapped in a composite / fiber resin. They are much lighter than a Type 1 cylinders but they are more expensive.

Type 4 Cylinders

Type 4 cylinders have a polymer liner wrapped in fiber. These are the lightest types of cylinders and they do not corrode, but they are also the most expensive. However, prices on the composite tanks have been declining swiftly making them more cost effective than ever before.


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