Utility Trucks to Amusement Park Rides

February 11, 2022

Utility Trucks to Amusement Park Rides

Melton Automotive, located in Alabama has been doing work in the CNG industry since 2010 converting vehicles to run as a bi-fuel with CNG. Currently they are converting  dozens of utility vehicles to run on natural gas. Providing parts like regulators, valves, and fittings is how American CNG began their partnership with Melton Automotive. 

Doug Melton, the owner of Melton Automotive, has continued staying busy by helping customers all over the south, including an amusement park located in Central Florida. This theme park currently has two rides, as well as the park's main street vehicles that all run on CNG. Doug does all the CNG installations and maintenance on these rides. This amusement park has had CNG incorporated in their park since 2017. 

Providing high pressure components for these applications has allowed for American CNG to help Melton Automotive keep the rides you love going! 


Picture Credit: Doug Melton


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