Rotarex Valve PRD

American CNG Part # RO-V-PRD

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There are multiple options for Rotarex Valve PRD's.

1) Y142 Pipe-Away TPRD - Triggered by excess heat AND/OR excess system pressure, the pipe-away Y142 is a vented glass bulb thermal PRD for vehicle CNG tanks. It is designed to pipe CNG away from the system and safely vent it out.

Glass Bulb thermal PRD vented pipe-away completely vents excess pressure at a preset temperature. Fast reaction time, full flow, no freezing.

Manufacturer Part #: Y14211001

2) Y142 Metal Fusible TPRD - Triggered by temperature ONLY, upon being triggered, the metal fuses and allows the gas to escape and vent out right from the PRD. These can NOT be used in a pipe-away design.


Y142 Glass Pipe-Away PRD
Gas Type: CNG
Body Material: Brass
Valve Actuation: 110°C +/-10°C
Upper Limit Working Pressure: 310 bar
Operating Temperature Limit: -40 to 185F (-40 to 85C)
Inlet Connection: G 1/4

110R-000125, ANSI PRD1b-2007/2013-Cert_002-00

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