5/16" 350 PSI CNG Hose, Custom Ends and Length

Need a hose, but tired of the long lead times and huge price tag?

Lucky for you we have our own custom hose manufacturer that can make any hose you need!

We have the option of NGV3.1 or NGV4.2 compliant hoses for use on vehicles or stationary equipment, respectively, and can provide certificates of compliance and hose tags at the time of purchase. 

Prices for 5/16" hoses are 10-15% cheaper than 3/8" hoses and have higher flow rates than 3/8" Stainless Steel Tubing. Why waste money putting a 3/8" hose on your system when the 3/8" tubing bottlenecks your flow? 5/16" hose is your solution to reducing costs and staying compliant.

Here are some examples of the cost differences for common hose lengths:

 Size 3/8" Price 5/16" Price
4ft Hose w/Carbon Ends - NGV4.2 $120-$145 $110-$120
4ft Hose w/Stainless Ends - NGV3.1 $255-$340 $230-$300
10ft Hose w/Carbon Ends - NGV4.2 $200-$220 $170-$180
10ft Hose w/Stainless Ends - NGV3.1 $330-$415 $285-$360
25ft Hose w/Carbon Ends - NGV4.2 $385-$410 $310-$325
25ft Hose w/Stainless Ends - NGV3.1 $515-$600 $430-$515

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